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Bob Irving is a qualified mechanical engineerand co-inventor of the unique iSwing Trainer. The most complete practice aid in the world. He has spent the past twenty years studying and analysing the mechanics of a golf swing by watching and realising how top professional golfers maximise their power with very little effort.
He has the iSwing system that is proving to be increasingly successful. Where a golfer can be coached with special exercise and with the use of the BIGolf facilities, develop a swing that is more accurate and will give greater distance. A swing that has "effortless power instead of powerless effort". That is the iSwing.

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iSwing Trainer

The animation above is the iSwing, it has perfect balance, rhythm and posture. Obtain it and you will have improved accuracy and greater distance.

The iSwing trainer can perfect technique and build muscle memory and, continued use of this unique apparatus, will establish definite improved consistency in play...

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Success STORY

The Daily Mail Foursomes is a tournament that is now regarded as the greatest!... Invited to enter one men's pair and one women's pair in the championships...